Cable Internet for Business

8vanet-Comcast Business Class Internet rates are as follows:

16/3 Mbps Starter Package……………..$69.95
25/10 Mbps Premium Package………..$99.95
50/10 Mbps Deluxe Package…………$109.95
75/15 Mbps Deluxe 100 Package…..$149.95
100/20 Mbps Deluxe 100 Package…$199.95
150/20 Mbps Deluxe 100 Package…$249.95

In addition, there’s a $7.00 equipment MRC

Static IP addresses are as follows:
1 – $14.95 per month
5 – $19.95 per month
13 – $34.95 per month

Install fees:
1 year term: $199.00
2 year term: $99.00
3 year term: $49.00

If you bundle voice and internet services, we can waive install fees on a 2 or 3 year term.

Bundled Internet and Voice pricing is as follows:
1-3 Lines – $29.95 per line
4+ Lines – $24.95 per line

These are full featured voice lines with un-limited long distance, voice mail, etc. There is also a voice activation fee of $24.95 for the first (4) lines which is never waived.

Please call 503-228-3520 to order.


There is no tax on Internet service and phone service is taxed as follows:

Federal Excise Tax
Approximately 3% of CDV Rate (Cent per Min. offers)

Regulatory Recovery Fee
State PUC
Approximately 0.15% of applicable charges

Universal Connectivity Charge
Federal USF/UCC
Approximately 15.5% of applicable charges

Regulatory Recovery Fee
State USF
Approximately 5.60% of applicable charges

Regulatory Recovery Fee
State DEAF
$0.12 / Access Line / Month

911 Fee(s)
State 911
$0.75 / Access Line / Month

Regulatory Recovery Fee
Local GRT
Up to 2% of applicable charges.

Regulatory Recovery Fee
Local License Recovery / Privilege Tax
Up to 7% of applicable charges.